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Our Story

Great students require even greater teachers. 

Since its founding 1992, Fredericksburg Academy has been the Fredericksburg region's leading private educational institution. Talon Tutoring evolved in 2018 to leverage FA's unmatched teacher talent and inspirational learning environment to take a wider number of students from good to great.  Whether you are struggling in a subject, seeking mastery - or anywhere in between - Talon Tutoring exists to help you reach your goal. 


Our Expertise

Talon Tutoring specializes in K-12 academic support. All of our tutors have diverse educational backgrounds and a serious love of learning.

When you consult with Talon Tutoring, you're getting one-on-one instruction that is individualized to reach your child's unique goals. 

Our holistic approach to education is heavily relationship-based so before the first session, we often ask to meet with our clients to talk openly about what we'd like to achieve together. 

Our tutors aren't just passionate about teaching; they themselves are dedicated students of many disciplines, on a never-ending quest for knowledge. Get to know them below or purchase a package to get started immediately.


Personalized Lessons

Fredericksburg Academy's tutoring program is open to any area student for building skills and mastery in the following areas:

  • Reading (K-5) 
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Elementary School Math (K-5)
  • Elementary General Academic Support
  • Middle and High School Math
  • Middle and High School English
  • Middle and High School Foreign Language
  • Middle and High School Science
  • SAT and ACT Prep
  • Online AP Course Support
  • College Essay Writing

Meet Some of the Tutors


Keith Wamsley

Keith Wamsley

Keith Wamsley


After graduating from Cornell, Keith Wamsley served in the military and then began his career as a corporate executive tasked with training other executives before discovering his true calling of educating high school students. He's taught Latin, English, history, economics, and government in the classroom and as a private tutor. A self-proclaimed SAT/ACT master, he's been helping students learn to conquer these tests, with unrivaled gains, and assisted with college application essay writing for nearly a decade. His calling as an educator has converged with his passion for travel and he's also led 200+ students to destinations across the globe - in the Arctic, South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

In his spare time, he enjoys mathematics as a serious avocation and is a published author, but the thing he is most passionate about is teaching, especially the kind of one-on-one teaching he's able to do with Fredericksburg Academy students and area teens through Talon Tutoring. Mr. Wamsley is also the director of our Talon Tutoring centers. 


Jenny Garbutt

Keith Wamsley

Keith Wamsley


After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Mathematics Education from Indiana State University and a Bachelor of Accounting and Information Systems degree from University of Texas, Jenny Garbutt worked as a CFO for a Texas hospital before returning back to her passion for teaching. She was the Director of Education for learning centers in Texas and Virginia where she implemented and taught SAT/ACT prep courses, trained and mentored educators, as well as, individual tutoring in all academic subjects. She has gone on to teach for over thirty years middle and upper school mathematics in both private and public school settings and as a private tutor. She has taught every math course offered from middle school math to calculus. She loves to discover and implement teaching strategies that help engage all types of learners in math education.

Jenny is currently the Math Department Coordinator for Fredericksburg Academy and in her spare time loves to run, recently completing her first marathon, and is also a voracious reader.


James Potter

Keith Wamsley

James Potter


After graduating from Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia, with a Bachelor of Arts in Classics and English, James Potter started teaching at Fredericksburg Academy in fall 2015. Now in his fourth year, he is excited to join Talon Tutoring as an English, Latin, and SAT/ACT Writing and Language Tutor. James has done extensive tutoring at the high school and college levels, and he has earned Level One Tutor Certification from College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

In his spare time, Mr. Potter volunteers as a grant writer for The Inga Foundation, a non-profit working to stop slash-and-burn agriculture and ensure food security for subsistence farming communities in the tropics worldwide.

 He is also an avid reader of both English and Greek and Latin literature and works to share his enthusiasm with his students every day. “Whenever you read a book,” he says, “it’s like you’re having a conversation with the author. Sure, he might not be able to talk back, but that doesn’t mean he doesn't have something to say.”

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